Today, April,14th 2011, together with our first app’s release, Paranoid Android comes to life!

Paranoid Android is a software house brought to you by two willing and young italian friends that decided to get involved in mobile app’s market (phones, tablets), specifically in the greatly expanding field of the Open Source Mobile OS Android.

Bringing in each of us its own experience, we’ll put at your service knowledge in web marketing, graphics, software development and usability, to obtain apps (or games!) strong and reliable inside, and easy-to-use and nice-looking outside.

Paranoid Android in fact is not just a cool random name, but it’s a hint of the “paranoid” care we put in our work. Our work must represent us, so it’s quality is important and it must offer an at least satisfying user experience: this is why we won’t release an app until we’re sure it’s robust, thanks to careful design and testing phases. Moreover, Paranoid Android assumes the responsibility of solving any problem will be reported in the shortest time possible.

If you want to know more, please contact us through the form available at page Contacts, or via email at:  info (at)