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Andreid is the software engineering soul of Paranoid Android. He takes his first steps into computer programming when still a kid with a Commodore 64, guided by his father, and then comes back to computer world during his late teen age, thanks to GNU / Linux and the Open Source world (recently returned to his beloved Debian after a not so exciting experience with Ubuntu).

He first meets Android world while working on a joint project between his University and an important company of the region. Fascinated by developers community (his first question on a programmer’s website was answered by a Google engineer!), common in Open Source environments, in a couple of months he knows enough to decide, with his friend, to get involved in first person.

Andreid brings in Paranoid Android his rigorous design and programming style, reflecting in efficient, safe and reliable products on the technical side. Moreover, thanks to his interest in User Centered Design, he tries to make them simple and effective for the end user. Also, his confidence with the English language helps with the translations when needed.

In addition to Android, he can count on a period of interest in web programming with PHP 5 and Javascript / AJAX, and a never satisfied will to learn new things.

In his spare time, in winter he prefers working on the computer until late or reading some book (from novels to technical writings), but as soon as weather allows him, he gets out in the wild and dedicates himself to his passion for mountains, trekking and mountain bike.

You can contact him at: andreid (at)

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Diegroid is the graphic designer and SEM of Paranoid Android project.

Takes his first steps in computer graphics world when, back in 2000, he was asked to create a website for karate school, another great passion of his. From then on, he takes a path that leads him from HTML tags to ASP and PHP scripts, and implementation and development of the first CMS‘s (WordPress above all).

Accomplishes his projects mainly using products from Adobe, explicitly Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, aiming to obtain usable web sites, but also attractive for the user. He has been involved for several years now in communication and web site ranking techniques in search engines.

He decided to join Andreid and provide his knowledge to contribute to the Paranoid Android project.

His interest in martial arts have him training as soon as he has a little free time (never enough, sadly!). His preferred music artists are Rammstein, System of a Down and “classics” of rock and metal like Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden.

You can contact him at: diegroid (at)

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