For the Women’s Day, we decided to give you a gift, especially considering women who loves puzzles!

On days 8th and 9th of March, Crucidroid will be on offer on Google Play only € 0.50! The offer, needless to say, will be available to men too :D

Crucidroid, for those who might not yet know, is the only app on Google Play that allows you to play with more than 340 crosswords made ​​by real authors; all schemes have different levels of difficulty and types of schemes (classic , diagramless, barred, syllabic) – also available in MAXI format – all features that make this app one of the most comprehensive on the Android market.

Links to download Crucidroid:
- Full Version at only 0.50€ on 8th and 9th March!
- Demo Version

PS: soon an update with new crosswords

Have fun by ParanoidAndroid Staff