We’ve officially released the full version of Crucidroid!

If you’ve read the previous article on the release of the beta version, you already know that Crucidroid is an app developed for both Android smartphones and tablets that lets you play with 4 kinds of crossword puzzles, share your scores and all this on a good looking, sleek platform.

  • classic (with black squares)
  • barred
  • syllabic (if you don’t know them… try it!)
  • diagramless (for the best solutors)
  • giant puzzles (like classic, but bigger)

In addition to what should be granted, like autosaving, rotation and pinch zoom, there are many other features like:

  • clue sharing to get help from friends
  • hints (reveal tiles, show errors)
  • a reduced keyboard
  • support for hardware keyboard
  • filtering puzzles we don’t like or we have solved
  • …or resetting them and let a friend play to see who gets the highest score
  • an online leaderboard to make solving puzzles exiting with your smartphone or tablet
  • being a native Android app, it gets to be pretty lightweight and smooth, even on older devices!

The crosswords will be released periodically, like a real puzzles magazine. Tell us which ones do you like more!

So far the features are the same than in the free version, which you can find on Google Play Store on your Android devices, but soon, with one of the releases of new puzzles, we’re already setting up some cool things.

This is the link to Android Store for the full version.

As you’ll find explained in the game description, we’ll release periodically a total of more than 300 crossword puzzles, original and unpublished, of various types and difficulty. But let’s not forget the most important thing:

Crucidroid is offered at 0,50€ only for a small amount of time

so what are you waiting for, go play with our crosswords and support us!