We’ve already talked quite extensively in a previous article about the way Android behaves with always open apps, and about how a good user should treat them, but we probably went even too deep for some readers. So, here’s a short version of that “essay”, which we recommend you for an in-depth reading.

I know why you’re here. You can’t stand the idea that you can’t close apps, and that Android won’t let you know which ones are open. So you installed some task manager, or you navigated to Settings > Applications > Running services and you’ve found that memory is full of stuff that you didn’t even know you had.

I know, you’re looking for a task killer, you want to show who’s in charge, you want to do it fast and clean.

Well, forget violence.

  • If some service gets killed, Android will start it back, because something might need it, so a task killer is actually counterproductive.
  • If an app stays in memory, it won’t waste any resources more than it would if it wasn’t there, rather, you’ll need more time to load it again if you will want to reuse it. Having an half filled memory means you’re wasting half memory.

However this doesn’t guard us from badly written apps, which could actually run some actions too often (like checking something online). The only solution is uninstalling them and maybe letting the developer know.

How to find such apps? First of all, look for any apps listed in Settings > Informations on the device > Battery usage. You will find that most of the battery drain is due to display and wi-fi. If this isn’t enough, try uninstalling or disabling any app with background services, that you might suspect be doing networking too often.

If one of such apps is preinstalled, then check if you can disable its background actions, and if you can’t the only solution is to root the phone and disable their automatic boot start or uninstalling them. If you don’t want to root the phone, good luck with the task killer or give up and be happy!

That’s all!

I recommend you reading the long version of this article, any Androider should!