In the eternal conflict between Android and iPhone, with regard to poker and gambling, winning is probably Android, with the ability to play with real money, the high number of free applications at lower cost due to (at least so far) not cool to reputation and increased flexibility of the Android smartphone operating system.

An interesting game, downloadable for free from the Android store, is Texas Hold’em No Limit, produced by the types of Westek. This application is not recent, but continues to enjoy success with branded players loyal to the Google operating system. The game does not allow betting real money, but only offline games (you can choose the difficulty level) with automata, or online with other players connected to the game server and displayed in the lobby. To play in online multiplayer version is obviously better to be equipped with a flat connection, if you do not want to receive lethal bleed.

With No Limit Texas Hold’em the developers decided to produce a simple game, without much space for customization of the avatar (in some cases tend to border on the ridiculous) and very similar in style, the poker room created for the real money play on PC and netbooks (particularly pools). Customizable Graphics is the system in order to find the best color combination for your eyes and can stay for hours attached to your smartphone, and in view of the table.

What is a no-frills game is gathered from the fact that there is only a variant of Texas, which is the most popular No Limit Holdem. In essence Poker No Limit Hold’em is an excellent game for training with a view to real money games in the poker room.

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