Paranoid Android releases his third update for his ParanoidDifferenze!

The news in this 1.3 release is the play with mixed packs feature, which will allow to play with mixed images from all the packs installed.

This feature follows those from the previous updates, among which notification of new packs publication and the long press reminder (for those who don’t read instructions!).

Few days before we also released a new image pack called “Monumenti”, gathering 15 beautiful images of some of world’s monuments, from Eiffel Tower to Great Chinese Wall, going through Liberty Statue and London Tower Bridge. The difficulty of the differences to find is mixed: some images will be easier to solve, others will be a more challenging affair.

As for a previous pack, images were chosen for their aesthetic value from Wikipedia. Here are the links from where we picked them, with their licenses:,_Exposition_Universal,_1900,_Paris,_France.jpg,_St._Basil%27s_As_Seen_From_The_West.jpg,_NY.jpg