After weeks of careful design, hard development and rigorous tests, Paranoid Android finally releases his first app: the game ParanoidDifferences!

It’s the classic game of differences in its digital version. But, unlike all the versions we’ve found on the Android Market, this one will let you zoom and pan the pictures, renewing the usual game style that provides two static images.

ParanoidDiffereces was designed to be extendable, thanks to an easy to use expansion pack system. As time goes by, we’ll release new packs, but one is already included with a total of 180 errors for you to find. You only have to press a button and you’re ready to play!

Of course, for every couple of images there are various errors, which will appear randomly granting a long time fun. We also included an exhausting help guide that will improve the game experience of those of you that will want to read it.

Please note that the app is free and ad-free! Therefore we invite you to try it out and comment, so that we can improve it and improve ourselves.

To download the ParanoidDifferences, here’s the link to the Market’s WEB version and here Android version.

See you on the Android Market!